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801Several months before I retired from the funeral profession, I began publishing a print newsletter for the families we served and our local community. What began as a simple, little “paper” in 2010, has grown into three unique, electronic newsletters today.

The Road Less Traveled – general grief and loss topics. In the past, we have touched on exercise and grief, spouse abuse, helping grieving children, mental health issues, journaling, to name a few.

Bereaved Parents – written by bereaved parents and caring professionals. We offer help and resources for the parents as well as their families and friends who are at a loss as to what to say and do. The child or children could have died at any age or circumstance. Frequent topics include neo-natal death, suicide, long-term illness, homicide, drug overdose, no surviving children.

Grieving Behind the Badge – for emergency first responders, their families, new recruits, department chaplains, mental health professionals, and CISM/D team members. The purpose of this newsletter is to address the recurring stressors they experience in their line of work. Personal issues that can influence their mental health as well as raising awareness on topics such as depression, post-traumatic stress, and suicide prevention.

Author Guidelines
You do NOT have to be an English major or an expert in the field of journalism. Simply put, share from your heart. Your words can be an inspiration to someone in need. There is no limit on wording – if the article is lengthy, I may feature it in two or three issues.
1) there is no limit on wording. If your article is lengthy, I may share it in 2 or 3 newsletters. Please submit your article in either a Word or Mac Pages format.
2) include a short bio written in the third person.
3) include 1 – 3 large .jpg photos that I may use to accompany your article. If you are a first responder, you may send one photo in dress uniform or bunker gear.
4) if you are writing a story about a loved one who has died, please include their dates of birth and death.
5) if you have written a book, have a blog, Facebook page, or website you may share those as well.
6) be sure to give your article a title.
When you have your work ready, please attach everything to an email and send it to me at peggy@sweeneyalliance.org. There is no hard and fast rule on a deadline. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

All article are reviewed and edited for grammar, clarity and typos. If I am unclear about a sentence or two, I will double-check with you. I DO NOT hold copyright on any of your articles. If you share your article, please link it back to the Journeys Through Grief Newsletter or Grieving Behind the Badge website.

I am always looking for human interest stories or articles about the latest book or other resource that offers help to those who grieve. If, after reading the guidelines, you are interested in writing please send me an email and include your topic of interest and a little bit about your background and why you would like to share your story.

Thank you for your interest in helping others.

Peggy Sweeney, Editor
Journeys Through Grief Newsletters