Coursework in Grief

Coursework in Grief is a free, online study program about loss and grief. There are no continuing education credits available, but rather valuable information that few people have at their fingertips after a loved one dies or a tragedy occurs in their life. I am not a mental health counselor or licensed therapist. I have been a mortician and bereavement for over twenty years who candidly shares her life experiences and has helped hundreds of adults and teens understand and grow from their personal loss and grief issues.

Although the majority of our discussions will center on the death of a loved one, the information will be applicable to many different types of loss: divorce, job loss, loss of health, disabling injury, promotions, retirement, addition recovery, financial problems, the list is endless. Furthermore, anyone who suffers from post traumatic stress (PTS), may see similarities between the feelings, emotions and physical ailments of grief in your day-to-day struggles with your PTS. I hope you will take the information you glean here and apply it to your life experiences that have caused you grief, sorrow, anger, guilt and so on.

Because time is not a factor here as it is in a training workshop, I will be able to expand on all of my topics. I will share good resources that are beneficial in healing grief: books, websites/blogs of interest, videos, and perhaps a “guest lecturer”. I suggest that you keep a journal to record your thoughts and the insight you gained from each lesson.

What we have studied so far:

Lesson One:
Grief 101 – a short introduction about some of the topics we will discuss

Lesson Two
Take My Hand, I Will Walk with You – no one should walk the path of grief alone; what is grief?; how we react to grief

Lesson Three
Remember When – what influence does our childhood have on our grief? Do men and women grieve differently?

Lesson Four
The Ties That Bind – the grieving process; relationships and grief

Lesson Five
Grief Reaction Factors [emotional bonding] – how we are connected to the deceased or event

Lesson Six
Grief Reaction Factors [manner of death]


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