Our Founder

Peggy Sweeney 800Peggy Sweeney earned a Diploma in Mortuary Science from John A. Gupton Mortuary College (Nashville, TN) and a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management from Bethel University (McKenzie, TN). Peggy is the founder and Executive Director of the Sweeney Alliance. Since 1990, she has written and taught countless workshops on coping with loss and grief for professionals and families and is experienced in both group and individual bereavement education. Peggy offers support services and resources for specific groups of individuals such as widowed persons, bereaved parents, grieving children, medical and mental health professionals as well as educators and school counselors. Likewise, Peggy continues to be a positive influence for the many emergency response and public safety professionals with whom she comes in contact. Her many program offerings include:

  • How to Understand Grief Seminars (the HUGS program)
  • Children Healing After Trauma
  • Grief and the Chemically Dependent
  • When a Child Dies
  • Grieving Behind the Badge (for first responders)
  • Grief in the Workplace
  • Surviving the Holidays
  • Grief Visits the Classroom

Ms. Sweeney is a dedicated and compassionate professional who has devoted her life’s work to making a positive impact on others, and maintains a strong sense of responsibility to her community. She has hosted monthly support groups for bereaved parents (Halo of Love), Comfort and Conversation for bereaved adults and teens, and Children Healing After Trauma (a learning program for young people, educators, school resource officers, and counselors). Peggy also volunteers as a facilitator for the Peterson Hospice’s Bridging the Gap program for bereaved children and their parents.

Peggy continues to be a valued contributing editor for community newspapers and has authored award-winning articles dealing with the sensitive issues that come with job-related stress and grief in Emergency Services, Public Safety, and Corrections. Her writings have been featured in print and electronic publications including the Los Angeles Fire Firefighter newspaper (former staff writer), the National Fire and Rescue MagazineFireWork Newsletter, and the Firefighter’s Bible (Holman Publishing). Peggy hosts two websites, publishes three online newsletters, and offers a free, online study program focused on grief and loss.

Peggy has been an advocate for the physical health and mental and emotional wellness of emergency response professionals and their families. She wrote the Grieving Behind the Badge program in 1992 to address these needs and has taught her program throughout the United States and Canada. She is a former member of the Comfort (TX) Volunteer Fire Department and a former EMT-B. Peggy was the recipient of the 2014 Firefighter of the Year award from her department.

She has been awarded certifications in both Bereavement Trauma and Emergency Crisis Response from the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

With her many personal and professional experiences, Peggy has made a significant impact on the lives of adults and children across the United States. She continues to positively influence the many families and professionals with whom she comes in contact.