nick“Peggy Sweeney is one of our country’s leading authorities on grief and traumatic stress. She works with the fire service, law enforcement, and vets – especially the ones who come back and take off one uniform, and put on another. From my own experience, I know PTSD will always be there. You don’t get over it. I call her occasionally to thank her for her unselfishness to help 1st responders. When I get off the phone I realize I just got more help”.

Chaplain Nick Sebastian – Federation of Fire Chaplains

firefighter_emt_hoodie_dark“Just a couple of years into my volunteer emergency services career, I responded to a rollover with possibility of a pinned victim. Feeling my cousin’s last two heartbeats of life almost ended my new career. It was well over a year before I connected with Peggy Sweeney. I attended a seminar [Grieving Behind the Badge] she was doing. Some calls can bring back the anger, but I know that Peggy is only a phone call, message or e-mail away”.

Sue M. Stahl-Smalley, Firefighter/EMT-B, Soil Meade VFD