firefighter_emt_hoodie_dark“Just a couple of years into my volunteer emergency services career, I responded to a rollover with possibility of a pinned victim. Feeling my cousin’s last two heartbeats of life almost ended my new career. It was well over a year before I connected with Peggy Sweeney. I attended a seminar [Grieving Behind the Badge] she was doing. Some calls can bring back the anger, but I know that Peggy is only a phone call, message or e-mail away”.

Sue M. Stahl-Smalley, Firefighter/EMT-B, Soil Meade VFD

4Carl Mack_1“This program provided insight to understand that what we are experiencing is “Grieving”. We learned what grief is, why the process is normal, and why we must understand it. At the end of our seminar, you could feel the room fill with energy and hope. I would recommend first responders, and those around them, to attend this seminar”.

Carl J. Mack, Fire Science Coordinator – Lorain County Community College, Elyria, OH


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