George Wright_1“The program you shared with us was something very special.  It brought to mind things that we had never thought about.  The information helped us understand the grieving that families have and will help us in supporting families of our EMS fallen brothers and sisters. Thank you for coming”.

George “Greg” Wright, State Commander Missouri EMS Funeral Response Team

firefighter_emt_hoodie_dark“Just a couple of years into my volunteer emergency services career, I responded to a rollover with possibility of a pinned victim. Feeling my cousin’s last two heartbeats of life almost ended my new career. It was well over a year before I connected with Peggy Sweeney. I attended a seminar [Grieving Behind the Badge] she was doing. Some calls can bring back the anger, but I know that Peggy is only a phone call, message or e-mail away”.

Sue M. Stahl-Smalley, Firefighter/EMT-B, Soil Meade VFD


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